ASSA President to be inducted into the US Adult Soccer Hall of Fame

US Adult Soccer is happy to announce our 2016 Hall of Fame class. We’d like to thank each of the inductees for their time and effort to advance adult soccer. This year’s ceremony will take place October 1 in Orlando, FL. Among the inductees is Dan Trainor, ASSA President.

Dan Trainor

Dan was born in Indianapolis and is number 7 of 10 siblings. He grew up playing baseball and American football. At the age of 13 his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he currently resides. Dan did not get involved in soccer until his fiancĂ©e (now his wife Barb) came home one day and said “By the way, I signed you up to be a soccer referee.” At that time, Dan knew virtually nothing about soccer except that the ball was round, you kicked it with your foot, and you could not use your hands. After Dan complained a little, Barb said “Do not worry, there is a class and they will teach you how to referee.” Little did either of them know that what started back in 1982 is still going strong today!

After 3 or 4 years of refereeing, Dan decided to try his hand out at playing soccer. As fate would have it, Dan’s first run down the field resulted in him slipping and as he went down using his arm to stop the fall. As he got up, he knew his wrist hurt but he continued for the rest of the practice. A chipped bone in his wrist resulted in a cast for the next 6 weeks. Undaunted by his start as a player, Dan continued to play for the next 12 years until arthritic knees forced him to not only stop playing but to stop refereeing.

Fortunately, while Dan was playing and refereeing, he also became involved in the management side of soccer. Dan also found that he liked being one of the people that got things done behind the scenes. In 1990, a group of people including his wife Barb assumed management of the Arizona State Soccer Association. During the next 14 years, they grew the ASSA from 1 league with 300+ players to 8 leagues with over 5,000 players.

Later, when a new men’s league was forming, the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), they asked Dan to become the commissioner of the league, and although he was apprehensive about the position, he decided to undertake that role. The league started with 13 teams and 8 years later when Dan decided it was time to try other things the league had 60 teams and was one of the top men’s leagues in the nation.

Dan served as Region IV Director during the early 2010’s, and was on its rules committee for nearly a decade, five years as its Chairman.